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Executive Protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals or their families, who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location. The world can be a dangerous place for these high-profile individuals, with the threats of assault, stalking, theft, kidnapping, invasion of privacy, and even murder, a stark reality. With strategic risk assessments and advanced planning, our team of discreet professionals are dedicated to ensuring the safeties of these vulnerable individuals from physical, financial, and reputational harm.



An Armed Escort is an individual whose duty is to transport personnel, goods, currency, and other items of value to mitigate theft, harm, or interference.


Our armed transport agents are trained in route planning and to make quick decisions in operational environments, providing a safe and professional escort to and from any destination. Ideal for executives, government officials, foreign dignitaries, and celebrities seeking secure escort services.


We can help you safely plan your next business trip, family vacation, or everyday secure transportation needs, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on what matters.



A protection detail, often referred to as a PSD (protective services detail, personal security detachment, or personal security detail), is a protective team assigned to protect an individual or group. PSDs can be made up of multiple teams working in conjunction with each other or a single element. Our personal security specialists have extensive experience in navigating austere environments around the globe. Members of our team have protected individuals with direct threats against them in high-risk environments and low profile clientele in permissive environments that desire the reassurance our teams provide. Gladius’ professionals are smart, creative, and discreet servicing clientele without creating a large footprint or drawing unwanted attention.



Travel Security offers the services of our protection professionals to assist companies and individuals in remaining safe while traveling for work or business.


Moving around the modern world can pose increased risk to your personal safety, especially when navigating austere and foreign environments.


Our teams are represented by former federal law enforcement, military, and intelligence specialists who can provide support services including risk assessments on the travel destinations, personal protection and enhanced awareness while traveling, vendor management, logistical assistance, crisis response and more.



Estate Security includes both the process and hardware to harden the location and the protection agents utilized to secure the grounds.


Our team offers comprehensive security plans developed for private residences and estates. Our project engagement typically begins with a comprehensive threat and vulnerability analysis. Based on your security needs, Gladius can provide armed and unarmed executive protection agents, electronic monitoring systems, access control, perimeter tours, barriers, alarms and more.


Additionally, we will also review and optimize your security policies and procedures and provide appropriate security awareness training for your family and staff.



Maritime security is concerned with the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, or terrorism while navigating a maritime environment. Due to the complex environment and surroundings of maritime security, traditional measures often prove difficult when threats arise. These situations have the potential to become ever more complex when in international waters. Gladius’ maritime crews consist of experts from various backgrounds specifically proficient in maritime operations to include prior Navy, Coast Guard, and the UK’s Royal Navy. Our teams can facilitate operations on the ground and on the water simultaneously with the appropriate resources and counter measures necessary to always safeguard persons and assets during maritime related travels and asset movement.


Gladius’ corporate consulting provides the business and corporate world and its key players with additional resources and assets to aid in the decision-making process and protect against potential espionage related activities. By providing intelligence on key acquisitions, their executives players, and additional detailed information, Gladius mitigates potential risk by identifying red flags that may impact long-term business development. Our consulting services process, identify and implement necessary safeguards to manage risks within an enterprise. We understand the sensitivity involved and Gladius holds client discretion and trust as an utmost priority. Continuous customer service and professionalism while ensuring safety and security measures are maintained before, during, and after the event. For larger events or heavy traffic venues, we recommend clients inquire about our geo-fencing capabilities.

Gladius Executive Services



Keith Evans, Deputy Director of Executive Services

Gavin Gumbinner

Director of Executive Services

Protecting the asset by any means necessary, we conduct a deep mission analysis and robust planning to ensure the principal remains safe without disrupting their day to day and business operations. Our discreet professionals specialize in assisting government and commercial clientele. With decades of experience, our executive protection specialists are dedicated in their commitment to professionalism and quality of service.


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  • Corporate & Venue Security

  • Armed Escorts

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  • National & International Client Travels

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