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Executive & VIP Security – Who Can Benefit from Protection?

The world is filled with risks, no matter who you are or what profession you are in, but certain situations can be increasingly dangerous for high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, VIPs, politicians, and celebrities.

Unforeseen situations come in many shapes and sizes — like an obsessed fan or disgruntled former employee for example — can develop an incident that makes one wish they had hired the proper security services prior, to protect the individuals at the time, or deter the situation entirely.

People who can benefit from protection include those who:

Travel frequently: Traveling around the country and the world, can be an especially rewarding experience. However, in many instances travel may lead to foreign locations you are not familiar with, it is not recommended to travel to such destinations without a proper plan for security and protection in place. These dangers may increase If you are a well-known or wealthy figurehead, while on the move an individual should not consider themselves secure without security present. Hold a high-profile corporate position: C-level executives have entire companies that depend on them, why should they not have a skilled security team, they can depend on themselves. If something were to happen to the leadership of a corporation, the company could suffer and the stock could be affected negatively, placing everyone in the company, including employees, in a vulnerable position. Have a need for privacy: Some celebrities and politicians cannot go anywhere without being swarmed by a crowd of people with cameras, especially in today’s technology-driven society. A major role of executive security services is not only to protect in dangerous situations, but to also decrease the public exposure of VIP clientele. When you hire executive security, they can help you maneuver discreetly with their operational knowledge of private entrances to buildings, use of unmarked cars for travel, and deterrence of any threats to your privacy before your arrival.

If you identify with one or more of these categories, it may be time to consider hiring executive security. Our executive security officers are trained to always be on the lookout for threats and address them prior to a disturbance occurring. The safety of our clients and their assets, always remain at the forefront of Gladius International guiding value.

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