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EP: Beyond The Detail

Empowering Principals and Staff with Essential Self-Safeguarding Skills.

In the realm of executive protection, the safety of high-profile individuals extends beyond the presence of security details; it encompasses a holistic approach that empowers the individuals themselves and those around them. Gladius International, renowned for its bespoke suite of risk management solutions, integrates this philosophy into its services, offering specialized training to principals and their staff. This training is designed to enhance situational awareness, reduce risk exposure, and instill confidence in self-safeguarding practices, ensuring comprehensive protection that adapts to the dynamic lifestyles of those under Gladius's watch.

The Art of Vigilance: Training for a Safer Tomorrow

Gladius recognizes that proper security is not just about responding to threats but preventing them. Coupled with the understanding that not all clients need or desire full-time security details, it became imperative to include specific principal training initiatives to enhance their own capabilities and awareness when not under direct protection. To this end, the firm conducts extensive training sessions focused on emergency preparedness, digital privacy, behavioral analysis, and threat recognition. These sessions are tailored to each principal's unique environment and potential risk factors, ensuring the training is both relevant and practical.

Essential Skill Development

  • Emergency Preparedness: Participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively in various emergency scenarios, from medical crises to security breaches. This training includes practical drills that simulate real-life situations, reinforcing the importance of calm, decisive action under pressure.

  • Behavioral Analysis and Threat Recognition: By understanding the subtle cues that may indicate potential threats, principals and their staff can proactively avoid risky situations. Gladius's experts share insights into behavioral analysis, teaching participants to discern between normal and suspicious behaviors in their surroundings.

  • Reducing Risk Exposure: The training also covers strategies for minimizing one's risk profile, such as altering routines, maintaining a low profile during public appearances, and employing digital privacy measures. These practices are essential for those high-profile individuals whose visibility often makes them targets.

The Ripple Effect: Cultivating a Culture of Security Awareness

The impact of Gladius International's training extends beyond the individual participants, fostering a culture of security awareness that permeates their organizations and personal lives. By empowering the principals and their staff with the knowledge and skills to safeguard themselves and those around them, Gladius enhances the overall security ecosystem surrounding their clients.

This proactive approach to executive protection, emphasizing not only the presence of a security detail but also the empowerment of the individuals themselves, sets Gladius International apart. The firm's commitment to comprehensive protection is evident in its dedication to training and education, ensuring that its clients are guarded, informed, and prepared.

Gladius International's Executive Protection services transcend traditional security measures, offering a blend of expert protection, advanced training, and self-safeguarding education that ensures the safety and confidence of high-profile individuals and their teams. Gladius' innovative approach ensures the continuity of an enhanced security posture, even when a direct EP detail is no longer active.

Schedule a call today with one of our consultants to discuss your security and training needs. When coupled with a home TVA, experience a truly revitalized security plan. Email

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