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Gladius International



Gladius International



Our tight-knit community of elite operators represent the tip of the spear within the military. The nature of their operations requires access to best-in-class specialized training and equipment. We are the best of the best.

Director of Intelligence



 Gary is a Retired Green Beret turned Entrepreneur and Director of Intelligence.

Public Relations



Dynamic Public Relations and Communications Executive with outstanding success in strategic planning, project management and brand development.

Dir. of Executive Services



Gavin Gumbinner is a retired FBI Special Agent with over twenty-three years of experience. With a background in leadership, crisis management, and investigative work, he has collaborated with law enforcement, intelligence, and military agencies such as the DOD, DOS, federal/state/local and foreign arenas. Gumbinner spent fifteen years on the FBI Miami SWAT Team holding numerous leadership positions including Senior Team Leader (overall commander). He has a strong background in tactical and protective operations which he performed internationally, in semi-permissive and non-permissive environments. His crisis management and special event skills were tested over the years at occurrences such as the Pulse Night Club shooting, kidnappings, NFL Super Bowls (x6), National Political Conventions, G8 summit, NBA Championships, and Presidential Debates. Additionally, Gumbinner has over twenty-two years of training experience in firearms, tactics, protective operations, and active shooter response.

Deputy Director



Keith Evans is a career FBI Special Agent with 30 years of law enforcement experience;
conducting, directing, and managing critical incidents, complex investigations, high risk
apprehensions, personal protection details and security operations. A member of the
FBI's Elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) for 15 years, he held positions to include Senior Team Leader, Team Leader, Operations & Training Leader, Operator and Principal Relief Supervisor. Evans has extensive experience working in the interagency community and building relationships among domestic and
international partners; with responsibilities that included leading, supervising, training,
and resourcing United States (U.S.) and foreign personnel. Evans is versed in the preparation of in-depth security assessments and providing custom security and executive protection packages, budget planning, formulation, acquisition, and execution processes, including the management of range construction and physical security projects. Evans has deployed to hundreds of critical events, dignitary protection details and joint interagency operations throughout the U.S. and to Europe, The Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa. He is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Certified instructor and Adjunct Professor and holds an active Top Secret security clearance.

Ladies of Gladius



Ladies of Gladius classes are designed to provide education, enhance firearm and defensive tactics skills, and develop a network of like-minded women here to support each other on this journey. Ladies of Gladius meet on the first Sunday of every month while building confidence and capability alike.

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Tom is a 20 year veteran of U.S. Army Special Operations including 12 years at 5th Special Forces Group and 3 years managing sensitive activities at Fort Bragg.

Deputy Director

of Intelligence



Deputy Director of Intelligence

Firearms and Tactics



Shortly after his first deployment to Afghanistan, Justin completed the Special Forces Qualifications Course as an 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant (Green Beret Engineer) and was assigned to 5th Special Forces Group (A).  Following three deployments with A/3/5, Justin worked as an active-duty Special Operator in the 5th Special Forces Group's Crisis Response Force (CRF) where he served as one of twenty-four CRF reconnaissance cell leaders in the Defense Department.  Justin also served as a Special Forces Advanced Warfare Course (SFAUC) and a Special Forces Sniper Course Instructor.

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