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Gladius International's Intelligence Services have the capability to geo-fence and monitor the activity of a given region in real time. Ideal for large scale events, publicized unveilings, austere hotspots or pre-indicator awareness. Gladius casts a concentric circle around the clients chosen area, and utilizing a host of keywords, names, and emergency response codes, are able to idenitfy and relay up to date infomation to the protection personnel on the detail to prepare for or mitigate potential threats.


As a business owner, high net-worth or high profile individual, or a corporate executive; l egal disputes and criminal activity are bound to happen. Gladius provides the professional experience, and intelligence gathering capabilities to assist legal actions taken. Gladius has experience working with Law Enforcement assets to better facilitate potential legal action against a threat. Utilizing decades of local, state and federal Law Enforcement experience Gladius serves as liaison between our clientele and Law Enforcement, providing first hand expertise in dealing with the legal aftermath of a scenario.


Gladius’ surveillance services provide discreet and highly effective protection for your home, business, or other property. Our teams of trained and experienced professionals utilize state of-the-art equipment and techniques to monitor and protect your property and interests from threat. Our physical surveillance service includes both stationary and mobile surveillance, depending on client needs and goals. Our team can be stationed at a fixed location to observe the surrounding area, or they can be mobile to canvas and collect intelligence on a wider net. Our teams also use a variety of surveillance equipment, assets, and techniques to enhance overall effectiveness.


Counter surveillance refers to the use of various techniques and technologies to detect and evade surveillance by others. This can include measures taken to detect the presence of surveillance equipment (TSCM), such as cameras or listening devices, as well as strategies to avoid being monitored or tracked through electronic means, such as through phone or internet usage. Counter surveillance measures can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to protect personal privacy, to prevent industrial espionage, or to maintain the security of classified information. These measures can be employed by individuals, organizations, or governments

Intel and Investigations



Keith Evans, Deputy Director of Executive Services

Gavin Gumbinner

Director of Executive Services

To manage risk you must be armed with the proper information to guide and make decisions, our intelligence cell allows us to quickly develop information to aid in planning, investigation, diligence, research, & analysis. We also offer a full complement of investigative services to assist our intelligence capabilities as well as other aspects of executive services. 



  • Background Investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Counter Corporate Espionage

  • Litigation & Legal Support

  • Area Studies

  • Counter-Surveillance

  • Dossier Development

  • COA Analysis

  • Asset Recovery

  • Skip Tracing

  • Opposition Research

  • Awareness and Travel Assessments

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Fraud





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