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Gladius INTL



Gladius’ Executive Services Division professionally manages risk at all levels, tailoring each security plan to meet the clients’ direct needs.

Modular Training for Modern Warriors: Practical and real-world training designed and instructed by prior members of the Special Operations Community.

Outfitting our students and the prepared citizens of our community with the finest the industry has to offer.

Gladius INTL
Gladius Institute



In-sti-tute (noun): A society or organization having a particular objective or common factor, especially a scientific, educational, or social one. The Gladius Institute is a collective of like-minded professional instructors working towards a common goal: to support our community through a combination of education and training.
Gladius found it imperative to provide our clientele with instruction honed from first-hand experience, combined with an evolving curriculum to deliver relevant training in order to navigate the modern-urban environment.
We are proud to offer courses ranging in skill, from the new firearm owner to advanced tactics utilized in law enforcement and Special Operations.
Gladius’ Executive Services Division is the premier protection, investigative and intelligence solution for high-net-worth individuals, political affiliates, private companies, and government agencies.
Gladius International provides physical and digital protection to clientele in the government and private security space.
We holistically develop and implement premier safeguard measures and investigative solutions to professionally manage risk at all levels.
“In Omnia Paratus” Prepared for all things.
Gladius Armory
A full selection of equipment and merch to outfit the “prepared citizen” or modern operator alike.
Gladius INTL



Contact us today, to schedule a consultation with one of our team members.
Gladius International

Our organization is comprised of skilled agents and instructors from former Special Operations Units of the DOJ, DHS, State, and Local Law Enforcement. Gladius consistently searches for ways to continue to raise the level of standards across all of our main divisions, providing our clientele with up-to-date information, training and executive services.

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